Local climate information you can use.

Public interest in climate change has skyrocketed....

Climate change has risen 30 percentage points in 6 years among the Democratic base, and 20 points among young Republicans. Increasingly large majorities in America see climate change as a crisis.

...but actionable climate information can be hard to find

Demand for actionable climate solutions has outstripped supply. Skyrocketing interest in the climate issue has quickly outpaced existing organizations’ capacity to respond: from candidate questions to policymaker solutions to grassroots youth movements.

Climate Cabinet makes local action easy

We deliver instant, high-quality information on both climate problems and solutions. For a wide variety of uses, from candidate communications to grassroots engagement, we can provide tailored, district-specific data to make climate action local - at the granularity of every state legislature and congressional district in America.

Climate Cabinet increases organizations' capacity - enabling tailored climate communications at a broad scale.


"Climate Cabinet provided detailed, quick, relevant and excellent research for the Inslee Campaign's climate platform. They have a thorough knowledge of the climate crisis and its solutions, and are skilled at translating them into something a campaign can actually use."

– Sam Ricketts, former Climate Director, Inslee for America

“I am extremely grateful to Climate Cabinet for helping me with my campaign and for continued support during my time in office. They provided relevant and credibly documented information on climate and environment that was specifically tailored for my state and my district. Climate Cabinet continues to be a helpful resource, and just recently provided me with transparently sourced data on green energy industry and jobs that I'm now using to form platform and strategies to help pass meaningful legislation to promote green energy for Texas.”

– Jon Rosenthal, Texas State Representative, House District 135

Our affiliate organization, Climate Cabinet PAC, delivers free climate support to candidates.