What We Do

Local information.

Relevant talking points.

Targeted to each district.

Climate Cabinet delivers local insights, analysis, and products tailored to hundreds of counties, and thousands of districts - from state legislatures to Congress.

Our technology platform provides the information you need, in the form that you need it - operating off of a massive, nationwide database of local climate impacts and solutions.

We leverage our database to create insights on the clean energy economy, public health issues, and climate polling specific to your target region. Want to know how a proposed bill affects wind and solar job opportunities? Need research on toxic hot spots? Interested in understanding which groups focus on environmental justice in your state? We'll comb through the information for you - giving you information you can use.

Talk to policymakers about the economic and health care benefits of solving climate change in every community.

Build grassroots engagement around local issues.

Understand the polling for each community.

Finally, get connected - find the key groups in your area already focused on these issues.

The result: a guide to climate solutions, specific to your community.

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